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IWW-Newsletter, Issue #019
September 02, 2013

IWW Newsletter - Issue 19 - September 2013

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Word of Success

"Be the change you want to see in the word."
-Mahatma Gandhi


IWW eJournal
Our new ejournal for the month of September is ready. Please check it out.
iww eJournal September 2013

Please remember to send your contributions before 25th of each month.


The last date for submission of your recommendations for IWW Anthology I is extended till 30th September 2013. Please remember to recommend your favorite stories to be included in this.


Bangalore Literature Festival is held from 27th to 29th of September 2013 at Jayamahal Palace. Learn more about it here.

If you enjoy writing thriller stories this site is for you.

Contests found on the net

1) Check out this site for short story competition.

2) 15th September is the last date for this contest. There is also an entree fee. Check out Short story contest for more details.

3) Check out's 24-Hour Short Story Contest! . There is a small entry fee.

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Lakshmi Menon



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