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IWW-Newsletter, Issue #076
August 03, 2018

IWW Newsletter - Issue 76- August 2018

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1. Word of Success

a)"Manuscript: something submitted in haste and returned at leisure." - Oliver Herford

b) "A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing." - Eugene Ionesco

2. Editor's Note

The theme for August 2018 Short Stories is "Long Distance Relationship".

Your contributions can be submitted in the submission form to all categories from 15th to 25th of each month. Only the theme based stories will be considered for Short Stories. More details are on the notice board.

We have 6 new writers who joined IWW recently, and they are - Sundus Hussain, Shwetha H.S, Devika Dileep, Christene Nongbet, Sangeeta Saha, and Suryasri Saha.

3. New items published at IWW in July 2018.

Short Stories
(a) The Crucial Years of My Life (b) First Day At Job (c) First Time Experience On A Rainy Day (d) Meghmallhar's Performance (e) To Be the First Person (f) The Waiting (g) A New Day.

These stories can be read on the main page. IWW Short Stories


(a) Mother Your Tears and Other Poems (b) How Will I and Other Poems (c) The Sundays (d) Nothing Makes Me Happier (e) Winters!
These can be read on the main Poems page. IWW Poems

Book Reviews .

Heartquake - by Ishita Deshmukh. Reviewed by Enakshi J

This can be read at Book Reviews

Serial Novels

The Final Goodbye - by Suneet Paul.

This can be read at Serial Novel


4. Contests (Copy these links, paste each one of them on your browser and check for details.)

a) (India)


c) (Submissions for the 2019 Prize will open 1 September 2018.)






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5. Charity work.
Take a moment to check out Santhi Bhavan- Home for orphaned and abandoned children


6. Check out these books

a) A Christmas in Scotland Read this travel memoir

b) Cherished - story of a young girl's eagerness to seek the love of her parents. Cherished

c) The Second Choice @ Flipkart

d) Before the Sunset
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