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IWW-Newsletter, Issue #034
November 04, 2014

IWW Newsletter - Issue 34 - November 2014

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1. Word of Success

“The last thing that we find in making a book is to know what we must put first.” - Blaise Pascal

“Real literature, like travel, is always a surprise.” - Alison Lurie


As announced in the ejournal October 2014 issue, the iww ejournal is temporarily stopped and hence the newly published work at IWW are here -

2. New stories/articles/poems published

Short Stories

(1) The Blame Game, (2)A Happy Family!, (3) Two Earthen Wick Oil Lamps,(4) Upbringing, (5) Rejection (6) The Girl in Red Apron
These can be read on the main page. IWW Short Stories


(1) Lonely (2)In the Name of Fake Smiles (3)The Soul of Celebrations and (4)Woods. Read them here - IWW Poems

(1) The Abyss (2) Happy Deepavali! Read them here - Perspective

Turning Point
(1) Mass Hysteria - A True Story - By Anita Bhattacharjee (2) The Open Window - By Anita Bhattacharjee. Read them here - Turning Point

3. Contests

a) SHORT FICTION $15 ENTRY FEE. Deadline December 15, 2014.

b). PRESS 53 AWARD FOR SHORT FICTION $30 ENTRY FEE. Deadline December 31, 2014.

4. Writing for payment opportunity

a)Travel writing Matadornetwork

b) Story Magazine
For their next issue - Poems and Short stories Story Magazine

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