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IWW-Newsletter, Issue #071
December 05, 2017

IWW Newsletter - Issue 71- Dec 2017

A very warm welcome to everyone who subscribed to IWW Newsletter. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.

1. Word of Success

a) "Never hesitate to give encouragement, it could make the difference of someone's success!" - Catherine Pulsifer

b) "Whatever God has placed in your heart, you will be able to accomplish it. God's purpose in your life will proceed as planned." - Ruben Barreto

c) "Do whatever you can possibly do to give yourself a feeling of accomplishment and watch your outlook on life change." - Bob Ravener

2. New Authors

I am pleased to inform you that there are 8 new authors who have joined our IWW group during the month of November 2017. They are Sebin Mathew, Asha Francis, Pavan Kumar, Viveka Sah, Thasneem A.A, Sharbani Suresh, Anukriti Ashok, and Sandhyaa V. A hearty welcome to you all to our group. Thanks for joining our community.

The submissions received late towards the end of the month could not be included in this issue. The chosen ones will be published during this month.

The new writers to our site should submit their first contributions using this form.

3. New items published at IWW in November 2017.

Short Stories

(a) Deja Vu, b) The Business Deal c) The Rearview Mirror d) Story of Two Friends e) Surroundings Inspire Passion.

These stories can be read on the main page. IWW Short Stories

As You Say

(a) Bangalore Literature Festival b) Boons of Technology c) Historical Buildings.
These can be read on the main page As You Say


(a) The Quiet Voice b) Destiny's Mystery c) Incandescence d) Plucked Feathers e) Rendezvous With The Sea f) The Question to Remain.. g) Nostalgia
These poems can be read on the main page Poems

Stories for Children

The Chameleon
This can be read on the main page Stories for Children

Book Reviews

Mohanaswamy - Reviewed by Ananya Sarkar
This can be read on the main page Book Reviews


4. Literary News -

a) The Top 10: Chapter Titles

b) Nobel Prize winner of Literature in 2017

c) How to get published.

d) Self-publishing: The Carnival of Indies.

5. Contests (Copy these links, paste each one of them on your browser and check for details.)

a) 1) Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2018

2) Essay Contest - Your Writing life

3) Several contests here

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6. Charity work.
Take a moment to check out Sri Sai Old Age Home


9. Check out these books

a) A Christmas in Scotland Read this travel memoir

b) Cherished - story of a young girl's eagerness to seek the love of her parents. Cherished

c) The Second Choice @ Flipkart

d) Before the Sunset
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