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Hetal Vipul Joshi from Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Hetal is pursuing her CA Final, and currently doing articleship at a chartered accountancy firm.  She is a voracious reader, reading is her  passion and writing is her hobby.

Hassan Noor Mahomed from Durban, South Africa

Hassan  is an artist and poet and founder of Superhero Art School (Facebook)  where he uses art to expand the creativity of underprivileged children.   He also works as a Financial systems consultant at an audit firm , but his real passion is expression   He is  a true romantic at heart and love to meld words in some form or another to evoke reactions in people , from memories to desire to dreams .

Hassan Hayati from Tehran, Iran

Hassan is a BA (English Translation) degree  holder from Tehran University.  He loves reading and writing short stories.  

Humera Ahmed from Mumbai, India

Humera is the Managing Editor of e-magazine Ehas, for reviews and articles for women. She has written short stories and book reviews for various magazines. Her published work include a collection of short stories Checkmate and Other Stories and  a Travel memoir A Year in Himachal.

Haritha Hariharan from Bangalore, India

Haritha is an Engineer by profession, but passionate about good reads and fine food. She loves with the road and everything that's sweet.

Hari Nambiar from Bangalore,Karnataka,India

Harsh Vardhan Dwivedi from Kolkata, India