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IWW-Newsletter, Issue #086
June 06, 2019

IWW Newsletter - Issue 86- June 2019

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1. Word of Success

a) “Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

b) “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” ― Roy T. Bennett

2. Editor's Note

a) The theme for the month of June 2019 - Short Stories - is "Passion".

Your contributions can be submitted in the SUBMISSION FORM to all categories from 15th to 25th of each month. Only the theme based stories will be considered for Short Stories.

b) We have 5 new writers who joined IWW recently, and they are - Sudeep Soparkar, Amrita Kumari Shaw, Aditi Munot, Anisha SenGupta-Yanger and Vivek Nath Mishra . There were more stories and poems from new writers, but I could not accept them for not following our simple rules.

3. New items published at IWW in May 2019.

Short Stories - Theme - Father-daughter relationship.
a) An Eye Opener

b) All's well that Ends Well

These stories can be read on the main page. IWW Short Stories


a) Frying The Soul

b) In Enemy Territory

c) I am a Lone Reed

d) Personal and Narrative poems

e) God

These poems can be read on the main Poems page. IWW Poems

As You Say
A Letter to Sparrow

This can be read on the main As You Say page. IWW As You Say

a) End of an Era

b) Being a Man

These can be read on the main Perspective page. Perspective

a) IWW Youtube Channel.
Thanks for the friends who have subscribed to our Youtube Channel - Indusvlog. IWW Indus Vlog Youtube Channel . If you are a true well wisher of IWW please don't hesitate to subscribe.

Video Gallery . If you have any new ideas for our Youtube channel please share it with me.


4. Literature News
Check out these -

a) Indian writer Annie Zaidi wins $100,000 global book prize

b)Ruskin Bond's recollection of 1947, Partition in a deeply personal memoir (Ruskin Bond turns 85 on May 19)

c) Helen DeWitt on writing, reading, and the uses of language.

5. Contests (Copy these links, paste each one of them on your browser and check for details.)

a) ServiceScape Short Story Award

b) Christopher Fielden’s Biennial Short Story Competition. competition/#HowToEnter

c) The Moth Short Story Prize

d) Flash fiction competition

e) Furious fiction

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6. Charity work.
Take a moment from your busy life to check out


7. Check out these books

a) A CHRISTMAS IN SCOTLAND - A travel memoir





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