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IWW-Newsletter, Issue #106
August 06, 2021

IWW Newsletter - Issue 106 - August 2021

A very warm welcome to everyone who subscribed to IWW Newsletter. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.

Hope all of you are safe during the pandemic.

1. Word of Success

a) "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."

-- Ray Goforth

b) "Opportunities don't happen. You create them."-- Chris Grosser

2. Editor's Note

I take this opportunity to wish all our readers an advanced Happy Independence Day!

I am also happy to welcome our new writers who have joined our community last month. They are:

a. Akshita Choudharyb. Harsimran Kaurc. Samika Kanukuntad. Pritika Datta, and e. Rituparna Mitra

3. New items published at IWW in July 2021

Short Stories -

a. Evenings on Sale, b. The Forbidden Bond, c. Garbha, d. My Pandemic Companion, and e. Lovers in the Lockdown

These stories can be read on the main Short Stories page. IWW Short Stories


a. Yours not-so-perfect nearing 30 woman!, b. Better choice, and c. Dead and Living

These articles can be read on the main Perspective page. IWW Perspective


a) If Sappho was an Adjective.

This poem can be read on the main Poem page. IWW Poems

As You Say

a. The duality within me

These stories can be read on the main As You Say page. IWW As You Say

Bedtime Stories

a. A Rare Gift

This story can be read on the main Bedtime Stories page. IWW Bedtime Stories

Stories for Children

a. The Sentinel

This story can be read on the main Stories for Children page. IWW Stories for children

4. IWW Youtube Channel.
Thanks for the friends who have subscribed to our Youtube Channel - Indusvlog. IWW Indus Vlog Youtube Channel .

If you are a supporter of IWW please subscribe to our youtube channel. ==========================================

5. Literature News
Check out these -

a. The African Short story that won the £10,000 Caine Prize

b. Ernest Hemingway's Story to Be Published 62 Years After it Was Written

6. Contests (Copy these links, paste each one of them on your browser and check for details.)

a. Creators of Justice Literary Awards Last Date- 30.9.21 No entry fee

b. Creative Writing NZ Flash Fiction Competition

c. Pan India Online Writing Contest

d. Writing Fellowship

e. Cambridge & Oxford Summer School Essay Competition for 13-18 year age. Last date –Sept 2.21 (International)

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7. Check out these books By buying these books you are directly helping the maintenance of the iww site.

a) A CHRISTMAS IN SCOTLAND - A travel memoir





f) LETTERS FROM LONDON (Children's Book)

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Lakshmi Menon


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Lakshmi Menon


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