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IWW-Newsletter, Issue #133
November 08, 2023

IWW Newsletter - Issue 133 - Nov 2023

Image courtesy: Subhamab Majumdar (Wikipedia)

Greetings and a warm welcome to everyone who subscribed to IWW Newsletter.

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Hope all of you are doing well and are busy in the celebration of Diwali Festival! Wish you all a very Happy Diwali.

1. Words of Success

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”. – Mahatma Gandhi.

(ii)“Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action-Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake.” – Rabindranath Tagore

2. Editor's Note

I am happy to welcome our new writers who have joined our community last month: They are -

Navratra, Anant Khushalani and Shivanshi Agarwal

3. New items published at IWW in Oct 2023


- Join Me!

- When Death Questioned Life.

- A Night of Horrors.

These poems can be read on the main page titled – Poems


- The Trishul of Acceptance

- Ravana's Mirrors

These articles can be read on the main page titled - Perspective

Book Reviews

- Revisiting Rohinton Mistry
- The Artless Art of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's Short Stories

These book reviews can be read on the main page titled - Book Reviews

Short Story

- The Enchanted Reflection

This story can be read on the main page titled - Short Stories


-English Translation of Bengali Travel book Shobuj Bon, Shobuj Pahar

This can be read on the main page titled - Travelogues

4. Literature News

i) RK Narayan's 117th birth anniversary celebrated by VS Krishna College

ii) Poetic styles in English literature literature/articleshow/103249046.cms

5. Contest (Copy these links, paste each one of them on your browser and check for details)

a) Troubadour International Poetry Prize is open to writers worldwide. Form: Unpublished poetry (up to 45 lines). Entry Fee: £6/€7/$8 (GBP/EUR/USD only). Prize: £2,000, 2nd Prize: £1,000, and 3rd Prize: £500. Winners are invited to read (live and online) at the Bedford Park Festival ‘Yeats Birthday’ poetry event. Deadline: December 10, 2023.

b) C.P. Cavafy Poetry Prize 2023. Form: Unpublished poetry. Entry Fee: $15 for three poems. Prize: $1,000 + publication. Deadline: December 1, 2023.

c) The 5th Annual Story Foundation Prize. Form: Unpublished short story (up to 10,000 words). Entry Fee: $25 + a one-year subscription to Story. Prize: $1,500 + publication. Deadline: December 15, 2023.

d) The Society of Classical Poets 2023 International High School Poetry Competition is open to students worldwide. Students submit 1–3 unpublished or published poems totaling 108 lines or less. Poems must contain meter. Entry Fee: $5. Prize: $200 + publication. Deadline: December 31, 2023.

e) Anton Chekhov Award for Flash Fiction Cash Prize: $1,250 Entry Fee: $16 Application Deadline: 11/30/23 Genre: Fiction A prize of $1,250 and publication in LitMag is given annually for a work of flash fiction.

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6. IWW YouTube Channel

Thanks to our friends who have subscribed to our YouTube Channel - Indusvlog. IWW Indus Vlog YouTube Channel If you are a supporter of IWW please subscribe to our YouTube channel. ==========================================

7. Check out these books By buying these books you are directly helping the maintenance of the IWW site.

a) A CHRISTMAS IN SCOTLAND - A travel memoir





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