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IWW-Newsletter, Issue #092
December 03, 2019

IWW Newsletter - Issue 92- Dec 2019

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1. Word of Success

a) "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."

- Ray Goforth

b) "Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion."

- Tony Hsieh

2. Editor's Note

a) The theme for the month of Dec 2019 - Short Stories - There is no specific theme this month. Any 5-6 good stories will be considered.

Your contributions can be submitted in the SUBMISSION FORM to all categories from 15th to 25th of each month.

b) We have 5 new writers who joined IWW community recently, and they are - Reesa De, Bhaswati Khasnabis, Simran Arora, Monali Kakoty and Reshma Sangle. There were more contributions from new writers, but I could not accept them for not following our simple rules. Please also note that the supporters and well wishers of iww will get the preference over the nonsupporters.

3. New items published at IWW in Nov 2019.

Short Stories -
a) The Deal, b) A Wedding in a Saptapadi, c) Urbanization, and d) When Sahiba Fainted..

These stories can be read on the main page. IWW Short Stories


a) The TomBoy Rap. b) You

These poems can be read on the main Poems page. IWW Poems

Book Reviews
a) Ajaya 'The Epic of the Kaurava Clan' Book 1, and b) A Walk Through Life by Santhosh J.Komaraju

These can be read on the main Book Reviews page. IWW Book Reviews

a) Every Child's Super Herob) Harassment of Women
These can be read on the main Perspective page. Perspective


a) Nilaveli Beach Resort, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.
This can be read on the main Travelogues page. Travelogues

New videos

The new videos can be seen in the YT Video gallery .

a) IWW Youtube Channel.
Thanks for the friends who have subscribed to our Youtube Channel - Indusvlog. IWW Indus Vlog Youtube Channel . Please subscribe.


4. Literature News
Check out these -

a) Step Up How Women Can Perform Better for Success.

b) - Penguin acquires Duckbill Books.

c), audiobooks by Ruskin Bond

5. Contests (Copy these links, paste each one of them on your browser and check for details.)

a) SHERWOOD ANDERSON FICTION PRIZE$10 ENTRY FEE. Deadline December 15, 2019. First prize $1,000 and publication. Limit 6,000 words.

b) AMES WRIGHT POETRY PRIZE$10 ENTRY FEE. Deadline December 15, 2019. First prize $1,000 and publication. Limit three poems.

c) RUTH RENDELL SHORT STORY COMPETITION£15 ENTRY FEE. Deadline December 22, 2019. Writers are requested to write a piece, in any genre, in no more than 1,000 words. The winner of the competition will write four further stories for InterAct Stroke Support over the course of one year and will receive £1,000.

d) THE DREAM QUEST ONE POETRY & WRITING CONTEST Entry fees: $5 per poem/$10 per story. Last date - Dec 29, 2019

e) WoLF POETRY COMPETITION£4 ENTRY FEE, Deadline December 31, 2019. Open to poets across the globe. The theme for this year's competition is vision. First place: £400. Second place: £150. Third place: three prizes of £25.

f) THE KENT AND SUSSEX OPEN POETRY COMPETITION£5 ENTRY FEE. Deadline January 31, 2020. First prize: £1,000. Second prize: £300. Third prize: £100. Four £50 honorable mentions.

g) TEIGNMOUTH POETRY COMPETITION£4.50 ENTRY FEE. Deadline January 31, 2020. The 2020 Competition is open to all poets, UK and international.

h) JIM BAEN MEMORIAL SHORT STORY AWARD ENTRY FEE. Deadline February 1, 2020. Write a short story of no more than 8,000 words that shows the near future (no more than about 50-60 years out) of manned space exploration. Entries can be from any country. All entries must be original works in English.

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6. Charity work.
Take a moment from your busy life to check out Sri Sai Oldage home


7. Check out these books By buying these books you are directly helping the maintenance of the iww site.

a) A CHRISTMAS IN SCOTLAND - A travel memoir





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