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" I am an Advocate .... "

by Devi Gopinath
(Kerala, India)

"I am an advocate, you see!!! If I cannot decipher it how do you think the general public can? Do you have any idea of the Right to Information Act?"

This man looked venerable but none of us in the bank lobby, understood the reason behind his temper..After some minutes of his fury he finally settled in front of me and all I could mutter was "How can I help you sir? "

When his story was half through, I literally had to pinch myself ...

He wanted to withdraw cash from our ATM. He had an account with us and a general scrutiny showed that he was a credit worthy customer. His efforts to withdraw cash failed as he says,"Since there were three holes in the machine" he did not know to which "hole" he had to insert the card. He claimed there was no notice instructing the same...

Finally, he had inserted the card in one of the said apertures, and instead of the cash getting dispensed, the card got captured (as is the general norm in banks).

Our customer was exasperated at the fact that the ATM had outwitted him... he wanted to prove his mettle and on one and a half pages of his official letter pad he wrote his bitter vendetta.....

Handing over his complaint he said "Madam, please mention where to insert the card in the ATM machine". Though his suggestion was well savoured by us, I could not imagine the scene of this" knowledgeable, respected" person struggling at the ATM counter.....

Now our ATM boldly reads "PLEASE INSERT YOUR CARD" .. I might have forgotten this incident but last day I got a small thank you note again in his official letter pad signed as ..."Thankfully yours.... Advocate.............."

No, I better not take names!!!!!

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Jan 23, 2015
by: Jayesh Veeraraghavan

Nice read Devi.

Oct 29, 2011
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

Interesting and enjoyable read!

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