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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I submit a story here?

Step 1.   Use the Submission Form, fill the necessary information, copy your contribution from word document and paste it into the form.

Step 2.  Type the word at the end for spam checking and then submit your contribution. 

Step 3.    Follow the guidelines properly  to avoid modifications/ rejections

2. Will you pay me for my contribution?

No.  Presently we can't afford to pay you for your contribution 

3. What is the benefit of submitting a story here?

  • Most writers want to be read. This is a platform to show your writing talent, with no fee.
  • You may receive critical comments from other readers and also published authors.  
  • If you have a blog or, you can get more visitors, adding it in our “Contributors” page. To include your blog link in your details, you should be a regular contributor.

4. Do you accept only the work of published writers?

No. We accept the work of both published and new writers.

5. I have never published a story/poem before? Can I still submit a story/poem here?

Sure, you can. We are trying to tap latent potential, regardless of whether the writer had their work published before or not. We would like to discover talented and budding writers through our site.

6. Am I guaranteed of the acceptance of my contribution?

If your content meets our writing criteria, there is a high chance of it being accepted, however there is no guarantee.

7. How long it will take to get my contribution published?

It will take anywhere between 10 to 30 days depending on queue.

8. Who can submit the stories, articles or poems here?

While this site is primarily for Indian women writers from across the globe to encourage their writing, however to be fair and as we have received innumerable requests since the inception of this site, we will accept content from Indian men as well that meet our writing criteria.

9. Can children submit their stories to this site?

No. As per the new GPDR rule we will accept contributions only from people above 16 years. (Please see our Privacy Policy).

10. I have a story published elsewhere. Can I submit it here?

No. If it is already available online you can’t submit it here. We want only original stories. If it is a story published long back and now it is not available online then you can submit it to us, but you have to mention where it was originally published, as a foot note.

11. I didn't like some of the things published on your site, and I had made a negative comment about it. I can't find my comment posted there.

IWe are aware everyone will not like everything published at iww. The negative comments are forwarded to the concerned writer, for improving their work, and prefer not to discourage them by publishing it.

Updated on 8th June 2018

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