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Submissions Open

The submissions for all categories will be accepted in the Submission Form from 15th to 25th of each month.  Submissions received after that date will not be  considered. 

For each month, a theme will be given, for Short stories. The stories should be written based on that particular theme and submitted, for consideration. 

Themes for the next four months  

Theme for June 2018 - Friendship

Theme for July 2018 - First experience

Theme for August 2018 - Long Distance Relationship

Theme for Sept.2018 -  Single Parenthood 

Theme for Oct 2018 - College Days

Theme for Nov 2018 - Repentance

Theme for Dec 2018 - Suspense 

Short Story Theme for March 2019 - Mother-Daughter relationship (It can be good or bad)

Short story theme for July 2019 - Misunderstanding

Some tips to start your creative juice flowing-

These stories can be either true or fictional. These are just some tips only. You can find more ways through your imagination on the above themes. You can search and find many tips to write a believable story on the particular theme. 

June 2018 Theme - Friendship -

Any particular friendship worth remembering and writing about, or wishing you had . 

July 2018 - Theme - First experience -

Any first experience worth writing or wishing you had, such as first day experience in the office, first time going on the main road after getting your driving licence, first time air travel, first day in the college, first time parent, etc.

August 2018 - Long Distance Relationship -

How did it happen? How did you manage it?  What were the challenges? What did you learn from it? The relationship can be - with lover, husband, wife, parents, siblings, friends etc.

September  2018 - Single Parenthood -

How did it happen? Your challenges? The result was success or failure.

October 2018 - College Days 

November 2018 - Repentance 

Anything you did in the past for which you are regretting now - either personally or fictionally. 

December 2018 - Suspense

Anything (things or news) you want to give someone as a suspense, or mysterious story and later the suspense was out, etc

March 2019 - Mother-Daughter relationship

It can be anything good or bad which is worth sharing, personal or fiction.

Submission Form

Thank you for your co-operation. 

- By Admin


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Always remember to submit your original stories/poems/articles. Please check the FAQ and Terms & Conditions before submitting to IWW.  

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