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These are some of the many Testimonials received here at IWW.  Also check the Comments page.

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that one of my short stories have been selected for becoming a part of an anthology. The publication is due in February, 2015. I am very grateful to you, as your online ejournal was the starting point and it was and it will always be a great platform for the budding writers. Thank you Mam for giving me this opportunity. I will always be looking forward to contribute for your website. - Enakshi Johri

I had no plans of publishing my book “Nesting of Thoughts” so early in my writing career. I was happy just being able to write in IWW. My stories got published within 24 hours and the comments I received there really kept me going – still does!

Every writer wants their book sold but more than that – they want to be read. IWW is an ideal platform for any writer who wants to be read – most importantly read not just be avid readers but by highly creative writers who understand the nuances of literary work and know to encourage good piece of writing.

16th July 2011 – At the book launch of Lakshmiji’s “The Second Choice” the warmth/ inspiration that I received made me grow as a writer, met many distinguished writers who have been contributing in IWW. This is not just a portal to most of us – it is second home. Wishing IWW many many more years of success.  - By Kakuli Nag 

I discovered iww ,when I was looking for Indian writing by Indian woman.When I discovered this site,I was excited seeing the opportunity to contribute.And when my contributions were accepted,I was really thrilled,it gave me the confidence I needed,to write and submit more. I also enjoy the writings that are in the site.The Memoirs are my favorite.  - By Safia A rehman

My thoughts about Iww

IWW is a community where one can share short stories, articles, poems, travelogues, novels etc. It is also a great platform for new and aspiring writers. The quality of content on the site is high. It has been an honor for me to contribute to this site and it has given me an identity as a new writer. IWW editor Ms. Lakshmi Menon, a very humble personality has always been a guide and support to me. Comments from readers and friends encourage a lot and also help to improve. I absolutely recommend this site to the readers and writers. - By Khushboo Khilwani

Iww and I

That was a rather bleak period in my lately taken up career of a writer of blogs. Due to the change in the editorial department, my ‘middles’ were no longer getting accepted by the popular daily I used to contribute to. Secondly, the e-zine to which I was sending my e-blogs had shut down due to financial crunches. At that time, the precious friendship I had developed with one of my young co-writers paid dividends. Sneha Subramanian Kanta suggested that I should try writing to Induswomanwriting. Hoping for a positive answer, I wrote a hesitant letter to the Iww editor Ms Lakshmi Menon. Imagine my surprise when she wrote back saying that she being a fan of ‘middles’ was well acquainted with my name and my blogs and that she would welcome me as a contributor to Iww with open arms. To suit my anecdotal style, she even opened a new section ‘Perspective’. I did send a few blogs to the travelogue section also. Ms Lakshmi even got my books reviewed by competent critic-writers and posted them under ‘Book Reviews’.

My association with Iww fortunately was not limited to blogs and reviews. I had planned to compile my blogs into a book. Prof P.Lal of Writers Workshop who had brought out 3 such books of mine was unfortunately no more. None of the well known publishing houses would accept my ‘once-published’ matter.

When I had almost given up hope of seeing my blogs in the book form, Ms Lakshmi Menon happened to get her serialized novel ‘The Second Choice’ published through This caught my attention and I ventured to follow her example.

So, when I entrusted my blogs to, Lakshmi (by now a good friend) not only guided me patiently through what was a totally alien process of e-publishing, but she also advertised my book Colors in her e-zine, generously allotting a full page for me free of cost.

It is certainly true that Iww has played a great role in my journey as a writer and I am ever grateful to Lakshmi and her Iww.

I wish Iww a very happy second anniversary. May it continue to help many more writers like me. - By Vimala Ramu

A Fortunate Find

Sometime back I was frantically looking for a site to upload my short stories and novellas. Being a hesitant net surfer, I was not sure whether such a site existed. It was following the posts of my esteemed co-blogger, Vimala Ramu, that I happened to stumble upon (iww) and thereafter there was no looking back.

I believe every site has its distinct “aura and aroma”. I was drawn to iww because of “it’s essential Indian-ness”, if I am allowed to say so, a characteristic so palpable in its presence and perception. More so, I guess, because of the way the site is administered by the webmistress, Lakshmi Menon, that being associated with the site and browsing through it becomes more interesting and pleasurable affair. She not only takes great care to keep the site updated and evolving always but also interacts with and encourages new writers (through e-mails/ mobile chats) to articulate and express thoughts, get work published and “mingle” with co-writers. In addition to the wide variety of “sections” for the aspiring writers to put up their writes, the site also provides an opportunity for the new aspirants to share web space with the established writers and learn from their writings. Also, one gets to read a tempting collection of articles, travelogues, short stories, perspectives and novels too.

As for myself, iww has given me an identity as a new writer, immense encouragement by way of comments from readers and great friends in fellow writers.

After my self-imposed hiatus, I come back to find that the site has grown substantially in such short span of time! Now there are more categories, more write-ups, more pens (read writers) and newer styles of expression to delve in.

With such continuous dynamic transition growth is inevitable and the site undoubtedly secures a very promising future. - By Geetashree Chatterjee

A couple of years earlier, I remember being introduced to IndusWomanWriting and thus to Lakshmi Menon. The website has undergone several changes since then, for the better. It is good to have a platform where one can read articles, poems, short stories and even serial novels. It is an excellent literary website; and I surely recommend it to everyone who has the slightest interest in reading and or writing. By Sneha Subramanian Kantha