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Comments are an integral part of a writers' website. Please see some of the general comments received.  If you'd like to add your own comment please use the Contact form. Also please check the Testimonial page.


This  site has brought us fellow writers of different regions and built us a bond of deep affinity within a short span of time. It has helped us to  find ourselves by allowing us to channelize  our thoughts in creative process, thereby  gifting us emotional fulfillment. It is a few months since I joined you  all. I'm happy to say that 'Mother Tree'  -a story of mine( hitherto unpublished though written long back) was published in the next issue only, and gained the approval of you all. Now it has been taken up by the 'Indian Embassy, Washington and published in their journal-'India Review'-Jan 2013. It is all due to the exposure given by  our friend Lakshmi  through her site.Thanks Lakshmi, I wish the site further progress.

......Nuggehalli Pankaja, Bangalore

IWW is a great forum for people to learn and grow and mould themselves to think like and be a writer. It's thanks to them that I got a chance to be published. Thanks IWW for the opportunity. 

.....Smith Zaveri, Bangalore

It is good to see a new magazine. It seems to be interesting, and informative. It fills a gap where reading is concerned. Congratulations!

......... Prema Sastri, Bangalore

Congratulations Lakshmi for coming out with a platform for creative writing. ......... Khurshid Khoree, Bangalore

This is a nice website which provides an opportunity for Indian women writers, to display their creative talent under different categories. I'm sure it will become very popular over the next few months. My good wishes are with you.

...........Eva Bell, Bangalore from

With the advent of globalization and knowledge reaching across barriers, there is a need of a platform where people share their thoughts. Writing, especially, is not an easy task and I say this being a writer. There are moments when you have nothing to write and are engulfed with blankness.

Coming to Induswomanwriting, I must say that this is a fabulous endeavor by Lakshmi to showcase the talent of Indian writers, as well as make it a common platform for all. Am sure the website will go places in just a matter of time!...........Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Mumbai