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Mother's Day

Mothers Day is celebrated all over the world with joy and devotion. It is celebrated on most countries on the 2nd Sunday of May, and thus this year it falls on the 10th of May 2014.

A Homage to a Mother 

Though Mother's Day is celebrated on the above day in most of the countries, some countries celebrate on different days. Countries like Bahrain, Israeli Arabs, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman and Egypt celebrate Mother's Day on the March 21st, Vietnam on March 8th,some countries like Luxembourg on second Sunday in June, Mongolia celebrates The Mothers and Children's Day together on June 1st, Antwerp (Belgium) and Costa Rica celebrate it on August 15th, some countries like UK, Ireland, Morocco,Algeria, Dominican Republic, Haiti,Sweden,Tunisia, and France on last Sunday in May as Mothering Day, South Korea on May 8th and it is called as Parents Day.

The earliest history of Mother's Day dates back to the spring festival Greeks dedicated to Rhea, mother of many deities of Greek mythology. But later, Mothers' Day came into being due to the efforts made by Ms Julia Ward Howe and Ms Anna Jarvis of USA. In England, Mother's day is called Mothering Sunday, which dates back to 1600s, which falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

In India, showing love and respect to mothers is not a new concept. Since ancient days Durga Puja is celebrated in India and Mother Goddess, the universal mother, is worshipped during this time. However, since few years with globalisation, India too joined the stream of celebrating the international Mothers Day on the 2nd Sunday in May. It may not be seen much in the villages, but among the city population, it is catching up fast.

Mother's Day is a special day for all mothers to get pampered, lavished with gifts and get thanked for their unselfish unconditional love and for everything they've done for the children, irrespective of their age. Those who stay miles away from their mothers and those who stay close by, but no time for their mothers, too find time to wish them and say a loving word to their mothers on this day and try to pamper them with gifts, just to show their love. So it is a day of celebration for all mothers. Mothers and mother-figures are honoured on Mother's Day.

Each one will have different ways to celebrate this special day. These are some of the ways to show your love and admiration to your mother on this special day.

- If possible visit her and give a hug, and tell her how you still remember her and care for her.

- If you can't visit her personally, at least call and speak to her and express by words how much she still means to you.

- Give (send) her flowers and gifts like women's perfumes with a special note of love.

- Take her out for lunch or dinner and get her favorite food.

- Cook for her on that day, so that she can have a day's rest.

- Anything creative that you can think of giving her surprise love.

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