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Writing Prompts

Writing prompts will be helpful for many writers to generate creative ideas, and using these words we can write interesting stories.

Ten random words are provided here-

house, early, light, cold, rain, school,escape, December, hidden, through

What you should do?

Write a story where the above ten words should be used wherever you like. There is no particular order of using those words. Let your brain and imagination work for sometime. I'm sure you can come out with great ideas.

Using these words you can create a story and submit it here. While submitting your story you have to mark those words in CAPITAL LETTERS, for others to know how and where you have used them.

The best story will be published here. It will be fun and a good exercise for our brain, and a wonderful opportunity to use our imagination.

For starting, we will keep the word limit between 200-400.(It may change into more words later.)

Random words for the next story -tree, house, paper, inconvenient, evening, romantic,problem, ignore, without, released


No One cares for me

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