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Man Proposes But God Disposes

by Bala

Inspector Pradhan of Pune police briefed the press reporters standing in front of him:

'What we thought was an accident last year is found out to be a very cleverly planned and executed murder by 3 persons, Chander Mohan, a film writer and director, Dr. Suresh Kumar, a physician and Thambi, a jeweler. All of them are around 40 years of age and were school mates'.

A wealthy Arab national Sheikh Ahmed Gamal was in touch with Dr. Suresh for getting a kidney transplant operation for his elder brother. His blood group being rare Dr. Suresh was not getting a proper donor for the operation.

But then he recollected that his old patient Swarnalata age 45 was having this rare blood group. He planned to use this information to his advantage.

He was impatient to convert his polyclinic into a corporate hospital at the earliest opportunity. Chander Mohan started his film career with a bang with 3 big hits but his last 4 films flopped and hence his financial condition was precarious. Thambi's jewelry shop never took off to the level he wanted.

Hence all of them were in search of large amount of money all the time. Dr. Suresh called his friends for a dinner meet 2 years back and slowly and steadily they worked out their master plan as follows:

Get Swarnalata killed in a road accident, persuade her family members to donate her kidneys, eyes and other organs to needy patients. With their approval use her 1 kidney for the Arab patient and the other organs for other patients and earn lots of money.

Thambi's 2 workers wanted to go the gulf for earning more income. He had the information THROUGH his contacts that a huge amount of jewelry was HIDDEN in Swarnalata's HOUSE.

Hence he offered their services to rob this jewelry as a compensation for losing his workers.

They would persuade the Sheikh to take the two workers initially for his business before settling them in permanent jobs in the gulf. They would also ask the Sheikh to become the financier for Chander Mohan's next film.

Having worked out this basic plan, Dr. Suresh suggested as a friend to the Swarnlata family that they visit the Sai Baba temple in Shirdi. They agreed to the suggestion.

Chander Mohan persuaded his stunt driver Maruti to rehearse a 'daring roadside accident scene in real life conditions on the Pune - Shirdi route for his next film'. Maruti accepted this suggestion since he did not suspect anything sinister about it.

Of course he was not told that Swarnalata's family SUV (sports utility vehicle) would be involved for this 'scene'.

It was due to their luck that everything went off much better than they had planned.

Swarnalata, her husband and their two young SCHOOL going children and their driver, as also Maruti, lost their lives in the 'accident', when Maruti 'daringly tried' to hit their SUV with his truck in an EARLY, COLD, DECEMBER morning, when LIGHT RAIN was also falling, when they were returning from Shirdi to Pune.

The police after investigations registered the case as an accident and closed it.

The kidney transplant operation took place as planned. Quickly Dr. Suresh arranged for the transplant operations of the other organs also to other patients.

Thambi's two workers robbed Swarnalata's house during their absence and gave the jewelry to Thambi.

Sheikh agreed to aid Chander Mohan's film and also to take the two workers.

But after one year in gulf the two workers found out that they were not getting proper jobs as promised. They started quarreling with the Sheikh.

One day in a drunken condition they blurted out that he had been fooled by the doctor, the film director and the jeweler and asked the Sheikh to cut off his connection with them.

The Sheikh informed the gulf police about them, who in turn informed the Pune police and after thorough investigations they arrested all the 5 persons involved in the plot including the two workers.

They could not ESCAPE this time.

The End

P.s: This is a story of fiction

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Nov 22, 2011
Thanks to you all for your appreciation
by: Bala

Thanks for your kind comments for my story Ms Vimla, Ms. Lakshmi Menon and Anonymous reader. Your appreciation hopefully will enable me to write still better short stories.

Nov 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

hey thts cute and believable!

Please: Anonymous, please write your name.
By Admin

Nov 21, 2011
by: Lakshmi

A beautiful story well written using the writing prompts wisely! Expecting more from you, Bala.

Nov 21, 2011
by: vimala

Sounds very authentic, though!

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