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Brave Brother

by Vaman Acharya

It was a small crowd gathered EARLY in the morning to witness the mishap happened in the open well. Two brothers, Aniket aged eight and Sanket aged ten years, went out in the morning. It was a month of DECEMBER and there was an unusual RAIN. There was no rain, when the children were leaving home. The atmosphere was COLD.

These children left the HOUSE without informing their parents. After reaching the open well, just half kilometer from their residence, suddenly Aniket decided to enter the well to wash his dirty legs due to rain. Aniket accidently slipped into the water. He did not come out for a while. His elder brother Sanket became panicky to see the critical condition of Aniket.

The open well was abandoned for swim. There was a board prominently displayed outside the well not to venture for swim. Sanket being an elder should have warned his younger brother. Aniket was failed to go THROUGH the deepness of water, safety measures, and cleanliness of the water. Aniket was utterly failed to realize that it was a risky venture to enter the well. At that moment, Sanket became bold and went inside the water to search his younger brother. His main focus was how to ESCAPE his brother from the danger. The situation gave him great strength.

Sanket after hectic efforts found his brother and took him out. He was weeping to see the condition of his younger brother. One of the persons in the crowd immediately rushed to the spot with his medical kit and treated Aniket. He took Aniket to the nearest hospital in his car. Sanket was also accompanied with them.

Aniket was shivering and closed his eyes out of fear. The doctor treated Aniket with special care. After one hour, Aniket’s condition was improved and became normal. He was sent to home. Sanket narrated the whole story to his parents.

Aniket was very much upset on the previous day night. His father abused him for not completing home work entrusted to him by the SCHOOL on the same day itself. He did not sleep whole night putting the LIGHT off. His father realized his mistake. The secret of behaving with the small children tactfully is not HIDDEN.

His father conveyed thanks to the person, who saved Aniket.

This incident is a lesson to the parents.

The End

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Sep 23, 2011
Recognition to real hero
by: Anonymous

Before commencing to write the story, I had a close look on the ten random words, which gave me a prompt to write a bravery story of a child. It took me some time to prepare a plot. I got the ideas to begin and end. Accordingly, I prepared a draft keeping in view of the random words.
Aniket's father conveyed thanks only to the doctor and not his brave eldest son Sanket. I purposely left this aspect to the wisdom of the readers.

Sep 22, 2011
Beautiful story!
by: Lakshmi

Thanks for being the first one to try this. It really makes a meaningful story, using those prompts and imagination.

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