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2 Short Poems

by Meenakshi
(Delhi, India)


If you want Wealth and prosperity
You'll get all with time,
First make your heart strong
Like the Sun and it's shine.

If want to be a leader
Have to leave the shy,
Open up your mind to grow
Like the big and blue sky.

If want to be loved by all
Learn the skill to share,
Do things to make all happy
Like a cool breeze of air.

If want to be a reader
Make yourself a pot,
Fill again with new knowledge
That books give you a lot.

If want to be a person
Then be like a creeper,
Soft and delicate for all
And don't be a reaper.

If want to be a teacher
be just kind and nice,
listen all your students patiently
you will get your prize.

You can be what you want
Can play any role,
But always be yourself
Don't let change your soul...


Everyone is saying,
Good Morning! Good Morning!
Is your morning good?

Morning is good
With the rays of the Sun,
Falling on your face
And tickled you with a smile.

Morning is good
With the blessings of your parents,
Who prays for your
Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Morning is good
With the soothing nature,
Whose chirping, buzzing and blowing
Calm your mind.

Morning is good
When you see working people
Going here and there to help you
With a smile like a child.

If you find yourself
In this morning,
Then Yes, it's Good Morning...


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Aug 08, 2020
Absorbing writting
by: Your Name:

The way u filled up your thoughts through your writting is outstanding.. I would like to wait for the next .. eagerly .. keep expressing your thoughts..

Aug 07, 2020
Direct from heart
by: Your Name:Manisha Malik

Very well written babue.. So nyc creations and simply explained cause to understand by every age group. Keep it up, God bless you.

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