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3 Magical words - “Shilly Shilly Gilly”

by Aditi Sarmah
(Pune, India)

Once upon a time there was a peacock staying with his family. The peacock had one wife and two children. Their life was very hard. Humans were cutting trees for their houses and huts. Time was very difficult for peacock and his family. Some animals had run away from the woods. The peacock and his family were very sad and talking about leaving the wood.

One day peacock and his family go for a walk and suddenly one light appeared. A fairy godmother arrived and asked them why are you looking so sad? The peacock said humans are cutting trees and destroying our homes. The fairy godmother smiled and said, I will help you and she waves her wand from right to left. Then, suddenly, one magical carpet appeared and she said this is a magical carpet. With its help you can go in different places wherever you want to go. Also, she said that I tell you few magical words which will help people to understand the importance of tress. These magical words are “Shilly Shilly Gilly”.

Peacock said Thank You to God mother. He sat on the magical carpet and flew. Peacock also enjoyed his ride. Soon he landed to a place where human were cutting the trees. He started saying those magical words “Shilly Shilly Gilly”. People understood their mistake and realised that we should not cut trees. They also understood the importance of Trees in every one’s life. Peacock and his family were very happy and stayed happily forever.

Note: Aditi Sarmah is a 7-year-old girl, and this story was submitted with the help of her mother.

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Jun 09, 2017
Good job by a 7 years old girl
by: Shyam Kapoor

Hello Team

Its really amazed me to see the writing by a little girl of 7 years old. Keep it up Aditi.

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