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4 Short Poems

by Prahelika Sen
(Kolkata, India)

Cawing Crow
By Prahelika Sen

Sitting upon the sun the morning glow,
There caws a weary crow;
With it’s beak gaping widely,
Advertising itself to be thirsty.

Though black the colour is,
It hovers around proudly;
Filtering the surroundings clean,
By eating the waste of human beings.

Sometimes in small groups and sometimes in large numbers,
One can recognize them by their cawing thunders;
Receiving the galling behaviours from the human beings,
It is a crow who is a friendly living being.

A Rainy Night
By Prahelika Sen

Raindrops that tumbles down on the earth,
With darkness surrounding by;
The sound of roaring thunders...which shook me up,
And the lighting flashes unlike a spike.

The night was cold though,
With silence haunting all around;
The vigorous winds which were rushing through,
Staggering the trees up and down.

Sitting on the bed...I was enjoying the dark,
With raindrops splitting on my weary face;
The robust winds hitting those glassy panes,
Bringing some relief within a second.

The Gusty Winds
By Prahelika Sen

The Southern Windows....rests disturbed,
All through the day and night;
Grappling with the gusty winds ,
That batters all the time.

The rain that splashes them,
Twirling the glasses hazy;
The weighted clouds which thunders,
Lading with eeriness behind.

Though the windows stand motionless,
Rejoicing the strength back;
My mind drifted with wonders,
About the glory they quit by.

The Tapered Lane
By Prahelika Sen

Besides the snowy ranges,
There laps a tapered lane;
With evergreens adorning its sides,
And the blanket of snow rests unbind.

The lane though steep is hard to climb,
With the cabs rolling steadily;
And the mind of those curious travellers,
Hanged with eerieness dozily.

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