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Short Story Contest 2013


We are happy to announce the result of the Short Story Contest 2013.

The winning story 

               "Romance in the Air"                by Subhash Chandra

The story will be featured in the next ejournal.

(Judging panel :    Eva Bell,  Khurshid Khoree and                                                             Lakshmi Menon)

Short Story Contest 2013

We are happy to announce a Short Story  Contest for 2013 for our valued writers and readers. 


1.     The theme of the story should be Travel. (Anything related to a journey by air, train, bus, car or any other mode, including by walk. It can be humorous, serious, memorable, frightening,  painful, or pondering. It can be a recent experience or an old experience, or a fiction).  

2.     The story should be original, unpublished work.  

3.     Word limit – Between 1000-1500 words

4.      Entry fee – Nil

     Only one entry per person.

6     The story should be neatly typed on Times Roman size 12 and  properly edited.  

7.     Age : Anyone 18 years and above   

8     Last Date  of submission of the story – 25th December 2013 CLOSED

9.    The story should be sent to us through the form below. 

10      Anyone above 18 years of age.

11.    Result will be announced in the 1st week of February 2014.

l2..    The winning story will be published in the following month's ejournal. 

13. The winner of the best story will get  one month’s free usage of grammarly software worth of $29.95)