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Mini's Little World
(A Children's Story)

Chapter 1

Mini Becomes a Brave Girl

The school bell rang as usual at 4’O clock. Mini came out of the class holding  her bag and water bottle.

Her mother was waiting there for her. She had an unusual smile on her face. Mini noticed it and wondered what it could be.

 “Mini, from next week I won’t be coming to pick you up.  We’ll arrange for an ayah for you. You will have to come with her,” said her mother on the way.

That was shocking news to Mini. “Why, mamma?” Mini suddenly felt a big sob starting in her throat. It stung her eyes and tightened her chest.

 “I am going to take up a new job. I’ll leave home in the morning and will be coming back only in the evening. We have a lot of expenses, my dear. So I too must work and earn,” said her mother.

Mini felt very disappointed.  But all the way home, her mother explained to her what type of expenses they have and the necessity of her working outside the house.

Though Mini was a little upset when her mother explained to her she understood well about it and she accepted the situation.

She knew that some of her classmates’ mothers were also working outside. Neelu’s mother worked in a bank. She went to her Bank daily on a red scooter, and dropped Neelu in the school, on her way.  One day Mini’s mother would also be able to buy a vehicle and take her out. So she need not always wait for her daddy to take her out. Daddy came home very late on most of the days.

Chandini’s mother, who worked in a Call Centre, buys her many new dresses. If Mini’s mother had a job she too would be getting her new dresses often.

The following Sunday, a new woman with a big bindi on the forehead and pan-stained mouth, came home. Mother introduced her to Mini as her new ayah. She was looking very serious. But soon Mini realized that Shanthamma was a nice lady and she loved her.

Shanthamma helped mother in her household work, and then came in the evening to pick her up. She would stay with her until Mini’s mother’s return. Every day she told her interesting stories. ........... 

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