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A Birthday Wish

by Dr. Kathakali Bandopadhyay
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Your smile is the unconditional love for me,
Your warm hug provides me the reason to live,
You are my bunch of pleasure
You are my soothing entity
Your small fingers do provides me the reason to fight,
Your divine smile makes my every morning bright,
Your innocent smile provides me the strength to overcome sorrow
You do show me the path for tomorrow

You are still my bundle of joy
I love you till zenith, my dear boy
My love for you has multiplied with time
Your presence has made my sorrows to sublime

I am waiting for you, with your favourite food,
Baked the cake, with the smell of rosewood,
My wait for you is an endless one,
When will you come, my dear son
The sun could feel my wait to be long
Waiting to sing your birthday song
The whole day elapsed, you were not there
My dimming cataractive eyes, searched for you everywhere
The candles has cared to burn, the cake has lost its foam
I do sat alone, waiting for you in this old age home.


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