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A Blossoming Friendship - contd

by Lakshmi Menon
(Bangalore, India)

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Kishore was wondering how his 70-year-old mother was playing musical chairs and tailing the donkey. As he was immersed in his thoughts, Asha astonished him with her next revelation.
“Amma says when our turn comes to host the party we should have new games to look different from others, and she has asked me to check the net and find out. How do you like it?”

Kishore was dumb stuck. "My mother is back to her childhood days."

Asha giggled.

“Our second party was held at Aunt Neeraja’s house where we had two different games. Besides, it was the birthday of Sindhu, one of our members, the next day. So we had decided to celebrate it a day in advance and wish the birthday girl with a chocolate cake. We also danced with her. She was telling us that it was the best birthday party she had, after her childhood days,” said Asha and showed him the photos from her mobile. He noticed that for the first party, all the ladies were wearing pink colour saris and the second party was with the women wearing light blue saris. Wow…..!

“That is not enough,” Asha’s enthusiasm increased, “We are also having plans for a day out with the kids when they have the holiday, and we don’t mind if the menfolk join us.” She was on the wings of exuberance and gave him a naughty smile.


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