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A Day of Bloom

by Dr. Gigi Vipin
(Chennai, India)

The morning rays of warmth, kissed and caressed me,
Urging me to shed, the enclosing cloak of green.
Little by little I drew, to the warmth that beckoned me,
Growing bolder by the day, no fear of being seen.

I opened up to the warmth, my colors raging through,
Out from my cloak of green, drenched in the hue of blood.
I bloomed in all majesty, full of glory and pride.
All who passed before me, paused to soak in my form.

Transform I did each day, bigger and better each day
My head reeled with pride at the task that I had achieved.
Alas ! One day it fell...the next day another one fell...
One by one they fell, my petals the hue of blood.

The searing pain of loss, the wretched taste of shame,
The helplessness in me to keep from falling apart.
A day or two of glory when in full bloom,
Is replaced by tears of sorrow as I watch myself come apart.

Before the last of me fell, I saw a sight so bright..
Another bud blooming, shedding its cloak of green
Oh dear one! I thought.... take pride in yourself till you last.
For you need to drink the pain when at last you depart.


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