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A Dream Of Oblivion

by Sambhabi Naskar
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

As my eyes slowly close,
I start to dream of oblivion
A taste of freedom and a vision of the end
So, I let it flow, my life force
My essence, my blood
I bid it not to stop.
I let it flood.
In red rivulets, I see
It runs away from me
Like the last moments of the stars
I dream of oblivion
But it has other plans
It shows me my beginning
And my deliberate end
Those glorious victories and the shameful losses
And all the bittersweet memories in between
Every laughter and every tear,
All magnified and equally diminished
All gone in a minute, within a blink,
I wait for death's silky black embrace
Its ice-cold touch feels like bliss
As I start my next journey,
I hope to find my elusive peace.


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