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A Guest on Our Planet

by Gayathri Devi Dutt
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

A rolling ball started revolving and rotating
What a ball with porcupine needles all over
Accelerated and the velocity unmeasurable
Spinning and spinning and not stagnated at all!

The global route is not linear but intrinsic one
With Dragon feet pricking the places traversed
That prick caused devastation in many folds and
Walked towards another spot trampling that piece of earth.

The latitudinal and longitudinal measure of space on earth
Tracked, hitch hiked and conquered as the kingdom of Corona
And ruthlessly rupturing and bruising the inhabitants signifies
The Omnipresence and the power to inflict carnage on non offenders

The erratic,volatile and capricious visits and the temperamental
attacks setting a novel lifestyle across all barriers of human resource
From infants to centenarians the dress code is masking infinitely
and cleaning the limbs often and sanitising the space around

Compelling to shut down mosques, shrines, temples and synagogue
Institutions list is ecelectic with indigeneous practices all social congregation
A common outcome rendering them to the past and Religions vanished!!
All those entities pitch into one human force sans Religion, was that the
unexpressed goal?

Dispelled the truth that man is a social animal promoting social isolation instead
Social and surgical practices entail Robotic procedures subscribing
to artificial Intelligence
Technology in the forefront eclipsing the social and emotional content
of the human force
It is viral, and the virus runs into infinity, If Will is drafted
bequeathing the power to to carry on ?


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