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A Home for Timmy

by Sharmila Roy Ghosal
(Dehradun, India)

Sammy monkey was prancing from tree to tree when suddenly he heard the sound of whimpering. The sound was coming from an enclosed area.

Sammy alighted on the wall near the mango tree. He was shocked at what he saw.

A small black pup was lying on the cemented floor, with a thick chain tied around his neck. The other end of the chain was tied to a pole near the wall. The bowl of food and water was empty in front of him.

It was in the afternoon, people were coming in cars and going out, it was a car park area, but no one was bothered about the pup.

Sammy alighted nimbly on the ground near the pup. The little one at first was startled, told Sammy gradually that his name was Timmy, and that he was playing with his siblings when he was picked up by two men in a car and brought to the parking area.

“Do you want to be free?” Sammy asked.
Timmy looked sadly at him and nodded his head.
“Wait for me at night," Sammy said.

The animals were shocked to hear Sammy’s tale. “They want to keep him as a watchdog and ill-treat him.” Roger the bear said.

Mary, the biggest in the monkey family, decided to help. She would accompany Sammy to the parking lot. Sammy would open the chain from Timmy's neck, while Mary would scoop Timmy in her arms and jump the wall. Since the wooden gate to the parking lot would be closed at night.

True to his word, Sammy arrived with Mary at night. Sammy opened the chain from Timmy's neck, and Mary lifted him in her arms and jumped the wall.

Timmy could not locate the small town where he had lived with his mother and siblings, so Sammy decided to keep Timmy with him.

The two ate, played and bathed together. The problem was at nighttime. Since Sammy lived on top of a mango tree, Timmy decided to sleep under the tree.

The rainy season was fast approaching, and Timmy needed a shelter, a home he had always lived under a shade with his mother and siblings.

It was an evening, Dina kangaroo, old and infirm, was coming home with a basket full of groceries when she slipped and fell. The contents spilt across the forest floor. Timmy, sitting nearby, rushed to the spot and picked up all the strewn items.

Dina was overcome with joy, and when she heard Timmy needed a home to stay in, she decided to open the doors of her house for him since she was living all alone.

Timmy would run errands for Dina, and she would cook hot meals for him, and very often, Sammy would join them.

Life was wonderful again.


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