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A Lady's Dilemma

by Pravia K Nagaraj

A loud horn and the train chugging down the track sound was heard very clearly. When the Kanyakumari Express train arrived at the Bangalore Railway station, I entered the compartment and moved towards the reserved berth/seat assigned to me.

There came a lady in the next seat, with her 5-year old son. She was carrying a single bag and just a water bottle.

It was clear from her face that there was some major issue with her. After some time, her mobile rang, probably her friend,and enquired if she was fine. From her facial expression it looked as though, she felt like crying and wanted to share something with her. But she somehow comforted herself and made a blank statement- "I am fed up Durga, I just want to move on with my life. I'm no longer ready to hear these everyday taunts. What a life, I just want to lead a life of happiness".
And her friend seemed to be acknowledging her.

Then her next statement was "I am having a very bad headache. I just want to be alone and sleep for some time. Please don't misunderstand me.. I am also thinking what will I tell my parents tomorrow when I reach there. They just love him. How will I tell them the reverse of it?"

Her friend Durga, seemed to be consoling her...
This scene went on for long time. In the meanwhile, the lady's son had stopped a chaiwalla (tea vendor),ordering him to give him some chapatis. The chaiwalla refused him telling,
"I don't have chapatis," but the five year old seemed not to understand his words. He made the chaiwalla stop and pulled his Mother's chudidhar dupatta towards the vendor.

The lady who was in great agony just shouted at the boy -"What are you doing Rohan? Just keep quite. Let that uncle go".

The boy got upset. He went and sat on his window seat and started watching outside.

The lady felt bad for her action, soon in the next station she got down from the train and bought some food for the boy. The boy silently ate the food without uttering a word.

The lady slept without having food hugging her son.

In the morning by 6 o'clock the lady woke up by a call that rung in her mobile. She seemed to be crying answering the call.

She uttered, "Don't tell me sorry. It's okay."

After she hung up the call, it seemed that she was relaxed and happy.

She immediately called up her friend and informed her about the phone call. Sighed a puff of relieve and said- "I am happy I need not make my parents feel bad with silly things".

Her friend seemed to acknowledge the same. She happily ended the call,hugged her son with love and affection, and asked him what he wanted for breakfast. She bought what he wanted and fed him happily.

By now the train reached Kanyakumari. Mother and son happily got down from the train.

Even I got down from the train seeing the happy family..


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Nov 23, 2017
by: Your Name:Hiranmayee

As a third's person point of view the story was written in a realistic way. All the best!

Feb 06, 2016
Nice Story
by: priya

It was really nice,Felt a realistic story happening in front, but could have given a message in the end.

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