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A Love Affair

by Pravia K Nagaraj

A lady kept constantly speaking to her friend on a call. From her facial expression it was very clear she was in great stress.

The lady who was young, with her curly hairs dark brown eyes came running towards me in the local bus where the seat next to me was empty. She firmly came and settled herself and started speaking to her friend on call.
She spoke-"Hey, I am really tensed. I can't bear seeing someone in distress. I don't want my Mom or Dad feel bad because of me. I am not sure how to avoid this situation."
I was puzzled, After all on what topic was she speaking about. However, I decided to remain numb to know the story.
The lady continued-" All these happened because of my wrong move. I spoke and became very good friend of him after his sister's death. Her unexpected death after the accident made him look worried and sad. I tried consoling him. From then on he started discussing all his dilemma's and happiness with me. I took him as my best friend and started giving him acknowledgements and concerns as per the situations. Now it seems that it came all the way round to me."
The friend of her seemed to ask her-"What is the issue now?"
"Hmm, All my friendly gestures was taken by him wrongly."The lady said, "And he is trying to propose to me now. Wherever he sees me he only discusses this topic now.
I told him many a times that I did not think of him as such. I have thought him as my best friend. Please drop your idea of marrying me. I belong to a different caste and state. I will not be able to marry you in any way. My Parents will never accept this relationship. I don't want them to cry for me. Nor I want you to
feel bad. I cannot bear to see anyone in distress. Please understand my situation."
The friend enquired-"Then what did he say?"
"Hmm, what else ?-"He says, this is what he likes about me," said the lady.
Her friend replies back in dismay -"Oh God!"
"Do you have any idea how I can get rid of this situation?" asked the lady.
The friend intellectually tells her back something and the lady says-" es, I have stopped making calls to him. And it was also not a common practice to call him often. However, I don't want to avoid him because he is a good friend of mine."
The friend seemed to make some funny statements now.

The lady started laughing and telling-"Oh so, You mean I should take some random picture of some men and send to him telling this is my boy friend? Ha,ha..That looks so creepy. I don't want to fool someone like that."
"......."The friend seemed to enquire her about the boy now.
The lady tells-"He is a good man. But I am not interested to take up a relationship with him. Because I don't want to make my parents suffer or myself suffer in future."
This seemed to make her friend understand much better.
The lady then tells-"I am in a dilemma how to come out of this situation, without spoiling any relationships. And then bids goodbye to her friend"
The lady then walks out of the local bus as her stop approached.

After hearing all these things. I was very clear-"The lady will someday come to a situation where she will be made to hurt someone with her decision. It is hard to please everyone with our decision. If such decision is not made, then we become unfit to survive. However the innocence in her talk made me happy, People as such still exist in my planet, who doesn't want to hurt anyone."


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Apr 28, 2016
Thank you
by: Pravia K Nagaraj

Thank you for the comments

Apr 22, 2016
dual mind set
by: prasi

good short story of dual mind set... but still love remain in her....

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