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A Magical Secret

by Divya Madhale
(Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India)

Magic… believe it or not exists! Maybe it comes true for those who just believe in it. One such magical place exists on earth in my own country… Shimla! 7 years of college was what it took me to plan an outing with my family and finally when I did get to go, it was to this beautiful place. Beautiful scenery, freshness in the winds and an aura so magical and pure, I still find this description so mere to describe that land. I left from Chandigarh to Shimla in a grumpy mood as the trip wasn’t going according to what I had planned for but Shimla was the reason why I wanted this trip in the first place. The 6 hour long journey did tire me physically but all that energy that had just shifted to my soul. Being a 25 year old, I’m sure I understand the look on people’s faces. When I entered the guest house, I looked sophisticated and very decent and beautiful (purely my assumption though) and that I feel was the explanation of all the nice service I was treated with.

I’m sure this sounds typical, but I met someone charming and handsome there, someone whom I found to be equally precious as was that land. A 3 day stay was planned there and I looked forward to get more glimpse of him often. Everybody in my family made out the look on my face and my feelings for him were soon revealed. His smile had some magic that lured me and his eyes spoke passion and love. And I wished for something to happen between us.
There was a sweet coincidence the next day when we went to Kufri. Apparently, we both happened to be wearing the same type and colour of t-shirts (high collared white full sleeves t-shirts) and we both were astonished on that coincidence. It is weird how we ignore the magic that always surrounds us. The universe gets to you whatever you wish for. Maybe this was my wish!

Didn’t get much chance to talk with him on Day 3 too, but he did wish me good morning and that was all I wanted. I clicked some nice pictures in the huge lawn outside the guest house. Day 4, the day we were to leave for Delhi, I had to strike a conversation with him somehow and I did. Before we left for Delhi, he offered to show us the guest house. That mini tour around the guest house kindled a spark between us. He offered coffee to which I refused initially but had to summon upon his request. And then, within an hour, we left for Delhi.

Now that I’m home at Mumbai, I know he is in contact with my father till date and it’s been exact 2 months today that I last saw him. But that feeling of his aura didn’t leave yet. Feels like I have fallen for something more than that piece of land. Not sure if I can dare to contact him and make things happen. I’m not the one who would make comparisons on the basis of our financial backgrounds but I’m not even that brave to take this step. Let’s hope something happens in the future, something magical!

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