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A Match Not Made in Heaven - contd

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

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At the last moment, he expressed his inability to watch the movie along with her. Vinuta was disappointed for the behaviour of her husband.

In another occasion, Vinuta wanted to visit her relative's house along with Vishwas. He failed to present on that day. He didn't reveal the reason for this. Like this so many other incidents, he was unable to fulfil her wish. She became unhappy with Vishwas. They were unaware of each other's expectations. Their nature of work was such that they were unable to sit and talk even on weekends or holidays. They didn't know about each other's past. Added to all these unexpected situations, after five years of marriage, another pressure came from the parents of Vishwas. On the occasion of their fifth wedding anniversary, Vishwas revealed the pressure. What was that pressure?

Sadashiv, being a police officer insisted before the marriage, to pay rupees five lacs as a dowry. Due to the poor economic condition of Manohar, he was unable to pay the amount. Vinuta was totally unaware of the dowry. It was not disclosed to her at the time of marriage. Vishwas began to torture Vinuta to arrange the dowry. He warned her that otherwise she has to prepare herself to face any eventuality. He had an affair with another girl. The demand of dowry was the only excuse for him to desert Vinuta. There was a heated argument between Vinuta and Vishwas.

The phone was ringing in the midnight. She woke up. The call was from Vishwas.
"The time has come for us to stop talking," a voice came from that side.
"I know your intention. You have deceived me. I thought you are a good person. But you have proved it wrong. My parents warned me not to marry you. The first time, I disobeyed my parents. I believed you."
He disconnected the phone.

Vinuta faced the situation boldly. She approached the criminal lawyer and discussed the dowry case. Vinuta filed a case against Vishwas under the anti-dowry act. The case went on in the court for about a year. In the meantime, the divorce papers were signed by both.

Vinuta was not ready to accept the defeat. She was bold and prepared to face the situation. After one year the judgement delivered in favour of Vinuta and as a result Vishwas and his parents were sent to jail.


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Feb 20, 2019
peronal experience not a story
by: Your Name:

not interesting enough to read it as a story. k=looks more like personal experience and predictable.

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