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A Mother's Blessing

by Anjana Negi
(Mumbai, India)

Oh my dear son,
you have gone away to another land,
and now I can't see you for days,
I never realized that I may not see you,
unless you flew away to a another land,
for your higher goals and ambitions,
how quickly you grew up my dear son,
for you were so tiny and small.
I remember your tiny palms locked into mine
being led to every place of your choice
be it a biscuit and chocolate store,
or your place of education,
where you learnt your daily lessons
and you grew up into an intelligent
young guy from a small mischievous one,
with that twinkle in your eye,
you used to satisfy all your
tiny little ambitions.
and I never realized,
that those tiny little ambitions
would once become a big ambition in life,
to become something great and take you
away from me far away into a
foreign land, and I never realized
that I would not be able to see you
daily as I used to, and not be able to
cook for you as I used to,
my heart cries in pain
at times, when I realize that you are gone,
and my heart fears the worse about you,
but then I pray to that almighty to keep
you safe and healthy, because
he is the one who has made some
plans for your bright future
and he will one day bring you to me
changed into a great person,
which will make me
a proud mother of a worthy son,
who was once so tiny
and made me wonder how would he do anything in his life
as he is so frail and small.
my limitless blessings for you my dear
be happy in life and climb that ladder
which will lead you to every success in life,
and make you a humble and sweet person,
full of compassion for mankind,
may you always be happy and make your every
dream come true my dear!
this is the heartfelt message of your mother
who wants to cry each moment
but withholds her tears so that
they don't be an obstacle
for your every endeavour
in life which will lead you to
success and progress in every area
of your life,
Oh lord please keep my son safe and healthy
and help him each day as I am not with him
please be his mother and take care of him,
and maintain him throughout
till he comes back to me safe and happy,
capable to face every challenge in his life
and work for mankind to make this
world a better and safe place to live in!


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