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A Mother's Pride!

by Purnima Awasthi
(Mumbai, India.)

I could hold you in my arms for all of my life, I could see you smile all the while.
Your constant chatter could be my sweetest song, Your confident stride - A Mother's Pride!

Seems just yesterday, when you entered my little world,
Filled it up with joy, pride and happiness & countless cheers!!!

Never in my life was I so sure of wanting anything, except a presence of someone so special as is you!
You turned my life's little canvas into a colorful grandeur with your love, laughter and never ending natter!

It was only a wish I craved for, A wish to be blessed with an Angel to call my own,
An angel, whose compassion I loved, but the devil in her I adored!

We spoke, we laughed, we even fought and also cried. Only the two of us, made just for each other.
We cared, we shared even the innermost turmoils and came thru it all - like one victorious pair!!!

It was fun - all of it. It was a gleeful pleasure to watch your faltering step then and
It is an undaunted pleasure to see your confident stride now!

Between that faltering step and this confident stride,
I've witnessed your every milestone with the same twinkle in my eyes a and smile on my lips!!!

Your strength has been immense, your compassion is paramount,
When without a question to ask or a word to grudge you reached beyond!

Today, you have ventured into a bigger world, A world where you have to fly alone.
You carry with you the values we nurtured, the strength you garnered, the compassion we tended and the confidence you mustered!!!

There is no stopping you today, you have the spirit, the attitude and the Blessings-
Go far and beyond, spread your wings & soar up high and I, as always would look up with a twinkle in my eyes and a smile on my lips!

I know things would change, but the equation would never!
I would still look out to hold you in my arms,
And long to see that beautiful smile, listen to that beautiful song....
When you come striding down my path with your confident stride, your home would always be your own...
Where you would just want to rest your head on my lap and I would want to hold you just for a while :)

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Oct 13, 2013
Very nice
by: Khurshid

Hi Purnima,
I was clearing my inbox and came across your poem 'A Mother's Pride'. I must have missed reading it in 2011. Very touching poem.

Aug 05, 2011
by: Purnima


Aug 05, 2011
gud one
by: Anonymous

nice one

Aug 01, 2011
by: Purnima

Thanks Vimala...God Bless!

Aug 01, 2011
by: vimala ramu

A very sweet poem.

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