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A Night of Horrors

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India )

After they had murdered

in the darkest hour of the night

a woman they chased

to prove she was wrong they were right

Scarring her body

Stripping what they could

Her body her dignity her soul

Helplessly alone she stood

And then came the weapon

That Stabbed her back

She fell lifeless in the soil

Dead like a slack

Blood coloured the soil

Silence of the grave

They all felt accomplished

They all felt brave

They enabled each other

Took turns to rape her soul

Everyone was a murderer

Everyone played a role

And then the one she trusted

Kicked her with the shoe

To make sure she wasn’t breathing

Her death was true

And like that ended

A night of dread

A crowd didn’t rest

Till their target was dead

History has seen

Murders and sorrows

Just another tale

Another night of human horrors.


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