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A Simile-ful Scenario

by Akira
(New Delhi)

I was having some fun with similes, when I realized it could be potentially turned into a poem. Just a light-hearted poem; an attempt to include as many similes as I could. I hope the readers enjoy it.

As opaque as wood,
As transparent as glass;
She's as rough as a rock,
As delicate as a vase.
As sly as a siren,
Innocent like a tiny tot;
She's as lyrical as a magpie,
Heart as black as a kettle pot.

As calm as a breeze,
As wild as a brook;
His eyes are like a tiger,
Face like an open book.
As gentle as a summer sunset,
As fierce as a storm;
He's as wise as a saint,
With words like a devious art-form.

As alien as strangers,
They met by fate;
Gazed like hunters,
Parleyed like a debate.
As silent as thoughts,
Thoughts loud like a thunder;
Will they be able to move forward,
When they're so afraid of making blunders?

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