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A stranger in my house ...Page 2

by Eva Bell

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“I’ll tell you the truth Ma,” said Navin, “And you must believe me. I told you I ran away from my village. I got into a bus which brought me to this city. For days, I wandered around the bus stop doing odd jobs to fill my stomach. Then this tailor approached me and said he would give me a thousand rupees to take his cycle and leave it near the market. I was innocent. I thought he was a good man who was prepared to give me such a generous tip for a silly job. Little did I know there was a bomb in the black bag strapped to the carrier. Only when the blast went off did I realize that I had been used.”

“Come here you rascal,” Kavitha shouted, “Now I’ll strangle you myself with my bare hands.”“Ma,” he begged, touching Kavitha’s feet, “That blast killed so many people including your family. I was miserable. I couldn’t rid myself of guilt and had been hiding for days. I thought it was best to die. That’s when you saved me. Forgive me Ma.”There were tears in his eyes.

“There is money enough for your treatment in this bag. I’ll go with the policeman.”“Wait,” Kavitha addressed the policeman, “Why have you not caught the tailor? Wasn’t it he who tipped you off? Go find him now. Navin will show you the shop. And don’t you forget that the boy is innocent. You send him back to me as soon as you can. He’s all I have.”


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Jul 02, 2010
A Stranger in my House
by: Eva Bell

Thank you Vimala and Sneha for your encouraging comments. They stir up my creative juices.

Jun 18, 2010
very apt
by: Vimala Ramu

A beautiful story by the master story teller.A very touching unexpected end

Apr 13, 2010
A stranger in my house
by: Sneha

Eva, your writing shows a profound sense of maturity and a distinctive style. Well written. The moments are captured beautifully, as though it is happened in front of one's eyes.

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