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A talk with the Author of 'In Search of The Lost'

by Sarah Khan
(Indore, MP, India)

1) Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Being a 19 years old inquisitive and a passionate writer, I'm Sarah Khan who loves drawing, painting, reading novels and geological books. I recently published my book 'In Search of the Lost'.
My childhood was like an Alice in the wonderland, an introvert who wasn't much into syllabus books but used to get engrossed in my own fantasies and story books. Watching Barbie movies, I wanted to live a fairy tale life being the center of everything. Currently I'm a Blogger with my own website, 'My Creations'. I wish to create revolutionary changes in society in terms of equality and aspire towards a better world.

2) How did you start writing?

I can recall writing as a child when those silly words generated my interest in the writing career. I used to write diaries and half of my mind used to live in some other world. Later, I began winning cash prizes in poetries. My parents have provided their support to pursue this passion even more. Now, I usually keep a diary behind the pillow at night and the moment I am overwhelmed with thoughts, I note them down in the diary even at midnight.
I'm planning to bring more astounding stories in my upcoming books. Also I’m working on compiling an anthology which will take sometime to be launched.

3) What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

I want to influence the lives of people in a better way, to give them something of value. I’ve stories to share which can add meaning to their world. I think books are a ‘reality stimulator’, my stories can create an impact on my readers in tackling their real life problems. So that's a joy in itself. Also, I think it's a challenging field and I love to deal with challenges.

4) Is there a message in your novel that you hope readers will grasp?

The story is a historical fiction woven around a boy who gets detached from his family due to a tragedy. There's a subtle message of humanity in the story which will amplify a series of strong emotions to the readers and they won't be able to forget the story for the rest of their lives.

5) Do you write every day, 5 days a week or as and when?

I write daily, whether in diaries or on the phone notes app. My opinions on various controversial subjects, politics, feminism and more make me to pen down my thoughts. No matter where I am and in what state, my thoughts are spontaneous, so I carry a diary or notebook everywhere.

6) How did you come up with the title?

A journey of finding the missing boy has been involved in the story. When I was wondering about an apt title of the story, I tried to figure out the main essence of it. The story has something that is “Lost” and needs to be found out. I was sure of either using the word “Journey” or “Search” in the title. Then it struck me that ‘Journey’ word wouldn’t provide the detail as to what the journey was all about. “The Journey of the Lost” wasn’t expressing the search because of which “In Search of the Lost” title was decided.

7) What do you consider to be your weaknesses and strengths?

One of my weaknesses is the incapability to work well in a team. I usually let the things done independently and not delegating the tasks in the team as I take time to adjust among newbies. Along with that my self isolating nature and unrealistic dreaming are some weaknesses.
I think my imagination is my strength, I'm working towards making my words as my strength too. Also, I think I'm empathetic towards the pain of people who might not even be related to me, end up worrying about their lives and searching for ways to help them out ultimately. Apart from these, creativity, opportunistic attitude, forgiving nature, optimism and open mindedness are some of my strengths.

8) What makes your book stand out from the crowd?

The story is about a brave journey of investigation with catchy and lovely historical incidents. While I was imagining myself as a part of the common public during the British legislation, something clicked inside my head as if I had discovered something nobody ever found. It had been an emotional insight for me, but my interest in the historical world had compelled me to bring this world to the public. Once you began reading, then you won't be able to stop. The struggle of finding the boy will keep you guessing until the end. And this is what makes this book stand out from the crowd.

9) Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

The interesting fact is that the story is based upon fictional characters yet the historical incidents from British India highlighted are true. For more insights on the story, you can check out my Instagram page @vibes_of_a_lost_girl, name 'My Creations'.

10) What do your friends and family think of your writing?

Honestly, they loved the story plot! Before publishing the book, I had inquired for their approval and they found it worth sharing with the world. My parents encouraged me to write what I imagine, feel or dream and make the audience connect to my imaginary world through it. Also, I learnt from them that I shouldn't lose my confidence if the work is not appreciated enough. When one improves, he or she gets what is deserved ultimately, we just need patience.

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Nov 07, 2021
by: Hardeep

Perfectly answered all. Your answers seems like you're Imaginative person like how you called yourself the "Alice in the wonderland". That's cute. And the book sounds to be good one.

Nov 07, 2021
Superb insight
by: Priyal

I loved how she has put up her passion into words. This author sounds interesting and I'll surely buy the book authored by this author.

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