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A trip to Bishnupur, Jayrambati and Kamarpukur

by Prahelika Sen
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Bishnupur, situated about 140 kms away from the ‘city of joy’, the small town seizes the joy of a number of sightseers every year. The terracotta figures engraved on the walls of the temples gestures an astonishing view. It is really stunning to find out that these pre- historic temples have never lost their glory even today.

From Kolkata, one can either travel by car or by a train. It takes nearly 4 hrs by car and about 3 hrs by train. Upon reaching the resort, you can take a nap and then get equipped to visit the magnificent temples. They are quite many in numbers and will cover your evening time, with ‘Ras Mancha’, being the most popular. Hiring a cab or an auto is more convenient.

Balucheri Saree, famous all over the world, is worn by women across our country and is weaved mostly by all the houses at Bishnupur. You can visit the houses and find the way how such sarees are weaved. ‘Kaniska’ being the prominent shopping center for the women.

The next day can be utilized for visiting Jayrambati and Kamarpukur. Travelling through the dense Joypur Forest which extends up to Midnapore, with the sun rays peeping among the thick greeneries and the chilled weather in winter is really soothing. Despite of all the sorrows that one may have, one can find his heart awe with joy. The driver will first take you to Jayrambati followed by Kamarpukur. Jayrambati well known for the birth of Sri Sarada Devi, is another prominent place of attraction. There you can glimpse at the thatched houses that are still preserved, starting from the place of birth and the place where she lived. You will even find a room that belong to her ancestors. It is very disappointing that due to covid 19, one is not allowed to go inside and so did we. The distance between Jayrambati and Kamarpukur is merely about 15 mins. Kamarpukur well known after the birth of Sri Ramakrishna is another spot of attraction. There you will find the place where Sri Ramakrishna was born, the machine used for husking paddy, upon which the temple has been erected after his death. You will get to know the room where he lived, his brother’s room beside and the kitchen. The temple of Raghubir, whom the family used to adore is still same as before. The thatched rooms are well protected till date. ‘Halder Pukur’, just a few meters away was the bathing spot of Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi. The pond is properly maintained.

While returning do not forget to have a lunch at Banalata Resort, which is adorned with the natural beauty that one can glimpse at. One can even stay there if he wishes to.

The writing is according to my own experience as I have visited the place recently.


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