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A Trip to Mayudia

by Tukumoni Mahanta

A Trip to Mayudia-"the Shrine of Goddess Nature"

It was a foggy January morning of 2017. We started our journey to enchanting Mayudia which is located about 56 km away from Roing in Arunachal Pradesh. The starting point of our journey was Kakopather, a small town in Tinsukia district of Assam and the boarder area between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Therefore, in no time, we entered Arunachal Pradesh crossing the no man's land. Our one and a half years old son was still sleeping and my husband was trying to take a nap sitting next to the driver's seat. Since I do not nurture the habit of sleeping in a running vehicle, I remained the witness of Nabakai's smooth and excellent driving skill. I also started googling and refined my wikipedic knowledge of Mayudia. The place is 2655m above the sea level. The name Mayudia implies"shrine of mother goddess".

When we reached the Namsai District, the sun smiled unveiling the thick pall of mist and darkness. Through the dewy glasses of the car, I could see Arunachal University of Studies-the hub of higher education in the lower Dibang Valley and the stupa of the Golden Pagoda. Then after 2 hours, we reached Roing where we decided to have breakfast. The colourful market in Roing caught my womanly crave for shopping but I was stopped by my husband who preferred to visit Mayudia first and return early to the plain area before dusk.

From there onwards, we travelled through unvarnished, virgin nature.Our robust GrandE(the car)mooved swiftly and withstood the rocky paths and the bamboo bridges before reaching the zigzag to Mayudia(we had visited Mayudia before the inauguration of Dhola-Sadiya also known as Dr Bhupen Hazarika Setu-the longest bridge in India.At present the route to Mayudia has become smoother). Enchanted by the exotic beauty of nature, I started to weave a thread of poetic imagination which was fueled by my studies of English literature. Unlike Ruskin Bond, I tried to listen to the symphony in solitude. Finally we reached Mayudia Pass and coming out of the vehicle, I discovered another paradise enhanced with celestial beauty. It was as if somebody had laid out a blanket of snow on the greenery of the mountain. The rime on green leaves shone brighter than any other precious gem. The place was crowded with tourists but one can clearly hear the voice of quietude. The lines from Robert Frost's famous poem"Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening" continued to ring in my ears-

"The only sound's the Sweep

Of easy wind and downy flake"

We explored peace playing in
the lap of untortured nature and thrilled with the mysterious scerenity. We made
a snowman for our little one and clicked some photos. We had ourself prepared lunch before coming back.

We bade goodbye to that extraordinarily beautiful place. Hills are always my desirous place to unwind. The
majesty, mystery and spritual
beauty of hills make us realise the existence of a supreme being. With an everlasting imprint of contentment,we began our reverse journey.

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Mar 28, 2024
Wonderful travelogue
by: :janmoni mahanta duarah

I felt as if I was with the writer throughout the journey.she is a voracious reader and a surgically precise writer.

Dec 05, 2020
Beautifully written
by: Akash Singh

Happy to read about such a beautiful place situated in Arunachal Pradesh.Nicely written wish to read more from the writter.

May 22, 2020
Unmatched North East...
by: Your Name: Shailendra Kumar giri

Marvelous journey, north east region of India undoubtedly unmatched with any region. It is culturally rich, naturally rich, mankind rich. People enjoy life in true manner with giving respect to God, Goddess and making their lifetime achievement. These all achievement give a direction for people of other regions of India. North East needs more exposure to rest of India. I salute north east region for their culture, natural resources, and for their simplicity. Lots of regards to north east region and my friend.

May 22, 2020
Treasure explored
by: Your Name: prasanta Borthakur

Beautifully delineated the the trip to Mayudia. It is true that many of the beautiful regions of NE India has remained unexplored and thus, many from Northern or Southern India are unaware of the beauty lying in this NE region. The writer has taken a good initiative to bring this before the readers. Hope to see more articles in the days to come.

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