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A Unique Birthday Gift - continued...

by Lakshmi Menon

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To her disappointment, when Nimmi saw her other friends going with beautifully packed gifts to Keerthi’s house all her enthusiasm vanished like a bubble and she left the packet near the gate and slowly walked to greet Keerthi with empty hands.

Many of their classmates were already there, well dressed, and carrying beautifully packed gifts in their hands. Some of them gave her a friendly smile, and some others a dirty looking smile for not carrying anything with her.

Keerthi was very pleased to see her friend, about whom she was worried.

“Oh Nimmi, you look fabulous in this dress. It suits you so well!” complimented Keerthi.

Nimmi thanked her good hearted friend for making her feel good and confident in the group.

“Now I want you to sing a song for my birthday in your melodious voice, which is your birthday gift to me,” requested Keerthi sensing her friend’s uneasiness for coming there empty handed, and hugged her lovingly.

Initially she was feeling shy to sing before such a crowd, but on her dear friend’s insistence, she sang a beautiful song in Hindi composed on the spot. The song was about a poor girl’s hesitancy to give a wedding gift to her friend which she had left near the gate as she thought it was not good enough to gift. When others were busy in conversing with each other in the party Keerthi listened to each and every word of the melodious song of her friend.

Soon after the song was over, she rushed to the gate where she found a green plastic cover sitting in the garden next to the gate. Excitedly she took the cover in her hand and with a wide open mouth saw a beautiful rose plant with different flowers. She went back to the party hall in the main garden, took out the pot from the cover and displayed it on the side table. “Oh, Nimmi, what a beautiful gift you’ve brought for me! I can feel your love in this beautiful pot,” hugged her friend for her thoughtful gift.

Everybody in the crowd liked it and some even commented, “What a rare variety! Usually we don’t find three varieties of roses in one plant. It’s really a marvelous gift.”

Nimmi's mother came to her side, hugged her affectionately and kissed her on the forehead. "You know your friend really well. She loves plants and this will be Keerthi's unique and best gift today," whispered to her ears. "You're a blessed child with intelligence and creativity."

Nimmi was in a wonderland with praises from all corners.

The End

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Feb 02, 2013
Good one
by: Sangeetha

Nice story for children in simple english.

Sep 27, 2011
Thank you
by: Lakshmi

Thank you Tanuja for reading and appreciating it.

Sep 25, 2011
A great Story
by: Tanuja Chatterjee

Its been my pleasure reading this tender story of great sensitive friends. Everything- the narration, the plot, the storyline and above all the story telling,is fantastic. Loved and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great!

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