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Adieu, I said

by Harsh Vardhan Dwivedi
(kolkata, India)

Adieu, I said
to the soggy eyes and to the tears never wiped,
cleaning the area for imagining wide,
I have a vision, all I need is time.

Adieu, I said
to the humdrum tries and to the feelings never shared twice,
heir of sorrows are inspiration and might,
this realization, I know is right.

Adieu, I said
to my gloomy trend and to my Friday scent,
forwarding tension to my pillow and bed,
So sorry! Depression, no room on rent.

Thumbs up, I gave
to my burgeoning skills and to my new denim jeans,
found the key to the closet of dreams,
discarded the buttermilk, left with cream.


P.S: I write under the pen name rhythm, this poem was born when I realized that life is a challenge and we all should have a positive attitude towards it. You have to be strong

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