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All that Glitters is not Gold! - contd

by Nirmal Kishor Prasad
(New Delhi, India)

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Shankar heard everything. He had no doubt that gentleman was related to some Ashram in the capacity of Spiritual Preacher. He might have a number of followers. His followers might be organizing programmes of holy preaching for his followers in various states and cities. But, he had not shown a single character of a noble spiritual leader. Whenever he had opened his mouth, spitted venom! How could human beings maintain and manage such multiple personalities! How easily they could grab huge followers!

Thinking all these, Shankar slept for some time. With noises of Tea-Coffee, when he woke up, the train was at the Kanpur Central Junction. The train instead of its correct time of 2.00 AM had reached there at around 6 o’ clock morning. Shankar came down to his mother at the lower berth. Mother was sitting and chanting some morning prayers. To Shankar’s query, she replied that she had good sleep.
Sipping his coffee, Shankar heard discussions going round on the delay of trains, their effects on economy, pleasurable of train journey in China, comments on Bullet trains and so on. Sometimes, without participating in the discussion if you just listen the conversation around, you can enjoy the discussion best. Someone asked the tea-coffee man on the approximate timing of reaching
New Delhi. The tea-coffee man replied that it won't be before 2.00 p.m.

Hearing the timing, the gentleman picked up his phone and rang to someone. “The train will reach New Delhi Station around 2 PM, send someone with AC Car to Ajmeri Gate Platform No 1…” He said.

The train had crossed nearby stations and was about to approach the New Delhi Station. The gentleman again ascertained over the phone whether his vehicle had reached. The reply was unheard, but Shankar could realize from body language and voice of that gentleman that his vehicle had not reached as yet. Being annoyed, the gentleman said, “I don’t know who any Thakurji for whom you’re detained! If I don’t see the vehicle after I come out of station, then I will not wait for any one and will leave the station immediately. Rascal, you people are worthy of nothing…”

The train stopped at New Delhi Station. It was already 1.30 PM. Shankar came out of the train along with his mother and luggage, sat on an auto rickshaw towards his residence. It was really a memorable journey for him!

On the way, he saw a white bearded Sadhu wearing saffron colored dress, his memory flashed back to the gentleman he saw in the train. He whispered, “All that glitters is not gold!”


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