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by B.R. Nagpal
(New Delhi, India)

They continue to troop,
plodding through twists
As hordes of disparate entities
Coffee black faces, adults with uplifted brown hair
women clutching their babes
old men in ribs, thin legs

Step-by-step, one and all
They converge to a point
to press droplets of water
from the spring of life
that will provide them creative upsurge.

Among the huddle
was a singular man of knowledge
Bertrand Russell of the present
with a cigar in his mouth
He watched closely
reflexes in gushing water
that overflowed from the top
He was pining for the scent of ambrosia

Barred by soot
His throat clogged
He continued struggling
with prolonged smells, breaths

The learned man reached the spot
ducked his head
to drink water in its purest form
Strangely, there was revealed light
that pierced his surfaces, greyness of his mind
Luminousness has found its dwelling


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Oct 19, 2015
Divine Knowledge
by: Dr. Subhash Chandra

An excellent poem! The search for divine knowledge is innate to humans. Even though one has accumulated material learning, one wants to partake of spiritual knowledge. In the poem, it comes in the form of epiphany to the modern-day, wise Bertrand Russel.

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