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An Alien Globe

by Gayathri Devi Dutt
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

“Ajji ajji”, shouted Aryan in all excitement. The voice awakened me and stirred the images of my childhood in me. I looked up, Aryan had really arrived and was eager to play with me. What a delight to play with this jolly soul!

A series of somersaults in a rotation and revolution orbits.What a geographical concept!

Soccer …Soccer… Soccer shouted, brimming his teeth. What is this incoherence unusual to this child??I had a small globe in my hand,and he had that porcupine greeny ball in his pocket. A Little strange looking protruding structure all over the body.

Now lets play a game with two globes, soccer ? No instead , let's use these as dice. Double dice of different structures. I will place that Dragon inside the new globe No one can see the dragon and see what mischief it is upto.What game? This is the trial run of the game, ok.? It has magical powers too. Aha! idea, a Musical chair rules but It is a Magical chair. Musical or magical we need more people; how to get more players? Or If we let the big countries on the globe become players?

One, Two Three off you go. Rolled the Dice into the epicentre of the globe. The secret dragon inside knocked on all the school doors “Open Sesame”.Play the Pied Piper Music s,,,ri…….nisa….. Yes all the kids followed the path of the music Ush… so many to play the game. “Close Sesame…”

Whoof! No schools now, all school doors shut?. All home schooled????? Growing and learning without schooling. Get your learning on the satellite channel. Erase the
footprints from the school path, put on masks, Here are the Bat’s wings, well quickly put on so no one can recognise you. Do not cough or sneeze; you will be caught. Escape, Escape.

Where can we go? Is there another Cave nearby.? Earth quaked and the road has caved in
Get into the dragon copter quickly . Come on be fast. You have a chair. Right! Remember it is a magical chair, the magical chair.

If you lose the chair you are out of the game. Do you know that? You will be trapped into the quarantine pit. Fate sealed, leg’s cordoned off.

Well, shall play on the music now, pink floyd or blackpunth. Damar damar dum, mane suttu hoithu yava mane , pujar mane, so the temple is shut. Move on.-.----------------

With the power of the Dragon, We can make a world trip. The Dragon is twisting it’s ferocious tail, stretching it long like the Monkey God Hanuman’s tail.The tip of the tail has volcanic powers. We shall drop the scales one by one on each chair we see. Italy, Spain,Rome, France, Germany, Netherland, Russia, Austria, Africa, Brazil, Pakistan,Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada & the United States. Now, back to India?? Yes, Lets see the situation or to the Earth’s Orbit and migrate to the moon or Mars before we encounter the Asteriod on the Earth’s path. Navigation is easier!!!.

The magical power is reducing, twist it across the Road to Wuhan and ask not what lies behind the Mask.Just sanitise. DHUB , DHUB the porcupine globe Explodes.

What a delicious dream!, We are on an another Planet.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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