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An Ode To Oceans And Seas

by Sambhabi Naskar
(Kolkatta, West Bengal, India)

Take me into Thine breast,
On Thou's cool chest, let me rest
Take me into Thy peaceful depths
Into the sweet echoing songs of dolphins and whales
The lullaby of Thy ceaseless waves
Where the mermaids make their homes
The water nymphs frolic about.
Thou attract adventurous sailors and explorers
To brave your tempestuous moods to discover new lands
Lonely and dejected hearts find solace
On Thy breezy and sandy shores.
In Thou blue sparkling depths
What secrets doth Thou hide?
Jewels, pearls, and richest treasures abide
O Poseidon! Revered God of the Oceans and the Seas.
I offer my heart to Thee
Give me the courage to heed your call
Let my love for Thee set me free.


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