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An open letter to my sister

by Tanu Dadhich
(Gurugram, India)

An open letter, to my sister, across the stars,

Had it been till 3 years ago, I would have never acknowledged in front of anyone that I miss you being around, being alive, being with me.

The fourth of July of the year 2001, the day you left us, would have been just like any other day in the calendar.

But things turned in 2019, life hasn't been same since, a little bad & a lot good but obliged for both!!!

I realized that no matter what, nobody can ever take your place and I was foolish that I thought anyone could. When I see siblings, be it two brothers, or a brother & a sister or two sisters, I feel a pure joy seeing the bond they share, but in fraction of a second a vacuum engulfs my heart, because for a fraction of second, I MISS YOU, a hell lot. No, it doesn't happen everyday, it happens occasionally, but when it does, it hits really hard.

People say numerous things, both good & bad, "How do you feel not having a sibling, you never cry for her" or "ohh, you don"t have a brother, you're a single child" or "how is it you put a strong, smiling front" or "you're no less than a boy child to your parents"

I wish I could tell them "A PART OF YOU IS ALWAYS ALIVE IN ME". Be it the way I smile which resembles yours; or the way I organize dinning table or set my cupboard, which you taught me; or the way I still eat dum alloo stating it to be my favorite but it is actually your favorite; or the way I dress up in formals, which is your style; or the way I write my heart, which was your advice to me.

21 years today, and till the time I breathe my last, you'll always be there with me, even after others have left or would eventually leave.

No, am not writing this because am sad, am writing this because you gave me two things in the summer of 2001, which I realized very recently, HOPE that every tomorrow would be better and FAITH that I can do anything & everything, always.

With a smile on my face, twinkle in my eye & love in my heart,

Your younger one,
Guddu (Name by which only very few people can address me, you being the first)

P.S. Yes, I needed to pen it down, because I write better about things that I can't speak much about & you have always known it, since I was a kid.


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