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An Unforgettable Tale..

by Puja Karki
(Pune, India)

Once upon a time there was a tall, dark and a very handsome Prince. He had a non readable face but his eyes speak volumes. He was one of the most generous and kind-hearted Princes but at the same time very stern and straight forward towards his work. His job was to spread smiles and happiness by fulfilling dreams of his people.

One day, on his way to work, he bumped upon an ordinary girl. She gave him a broad smile and asked for his help.. She wanted him to build a dream cottage for her mother. The Prince was a bit rude towards her not because she was asking his help but because she was an annoyance, after briefing her a little about the project he left for his another work and asked her to meet him next day.

Next day, hoping and popping and with a big smile the girl went to the Prince as per the appointment. This time the Prince was in a much relaxed mood and gave his full attention to the girl. He made a sketch of all the minute details of what girl wanted him to work on. After the discussion Prince promised her the best cottage she has ever seen in her life. The girl was very happy to hear that and thanked him for the same.

One side of her mind, the girl was thanking god for meeting her with the Prince who is going to fulfill her dream for her mother and on the other side the Prince started building up soft corner for that ordinary girl..

Days passed by.. slowly and steadily the work began.. Prince gave his best shot for building up her cottage. Meanwhile both of them developed a beautiful friendship.. they started meeting on and
off work. One side the cottage was coming to an end and on the other side their friendship was becoming stronger day by day.

The Prince took her to many beautiful places which she was not even aware does exist. Every time she used to be awestruck and amazed by the beauty of the places and thoughtfulness of the Prince. The Prince took good care of her like nobody ever did before, and finally one day he declared he is in love with her. Hearing this the girl was honoured and sad at the same time because she knew he was not meant for her and if she gets closer both of them will end up getting hurt..

Finally after 25 days the Prince finished building up the most beautiful cottage for this ordinary girl's mother. The girl was in cloud nine and thanked him million times and couldn't be more happy in her life than this. This turned their friendship into an unbreakable bond.

They were happily enjoying each other's company when suddenly The King announced the Prince's marriage.. Prince became sad but the girl was aware that this day will come sooner or later and they have to apart. On the 30th day for the sake of his Kingdom and his parents he went ahead to get married to the Princess which was chosen for him...

The Prince was depressed initially but soon got busy with his life and work. He turned out to be a good husband and a very doting father. Then one day he became the most powerful King of all time.. But that little ordinary girl remained in his heart forever..

They did cross their paths once in a while but the difference was this time they used to talk through their eyes..

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