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And such is fate

by S V Srikanth

And such is fate, as one could have it
As a night would follow the day untiringly
And so would I you, for love, admiringly
There’s is no sunshine without you, lovingly.

And such is fate, to be in the right place
As a second would a second follow in pace
No one need to show it, that it’s its place
I would want to match you pace for pace.

As such is fate, if one is in the wrong plane
Where anger would not a love turn plain
Many a right that do not turn away pain
Many a night felt more like a day in pain.

And such is fate, for if I could have it, life
Be a tree of roses, without thorns to chafe
When you love me as I do, and be my wife
With a dozen children and me, their jefe.

And such is fate, if love would a love address
And as if a pain would a pain, still address
Life if wound around a wound into pain digress
Any thing together easier, to one, could address.

And such is fate, bland with single brightest color
For pallor of life made bland with its jailor
Wouldn’t want in life childhood alone discolor?
All colors, all seasons, do give life a valor.


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Apr 20, 2015
by: Preethi Burnett

I think your poem is beautiful and says a lot in a few words.

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